Brendan McCarthy began his TV/Film career in the late 70's on ATV's "Dan Dare" which has run parallel with his career in comics ever since. His job on Dan Dare was to oversee the show's production on the style and visual side - the basic premise was that live actors were electronically keyed onto backgrounds.
Dan Dare featured James Fox as Dare, Rodney Bewes with silver hair as Digby and for one glorious moment, Johnny Rotten as the Mekon. Other comic artists that worked on Dare were Brett Ewins and Brian Bolland. One of the original Dan Dare artists, Keith Watson, was quoted as saying they were capturing the spirit of the 50's Dare beautifully.   Unfortunately the show was canceled before airing due to Lew Grade's mega flop "Raise the Titanic" which resulted in making ATV bankrupt!
Disillusioned with seeing a year of work going down the tubes, Brendan took the redundancy money he received from ATV, packed a small bag and took a very long walk around the world. After passing through Egypt, the Himalayas, Bangkok and Los Angeles he finally ended up in Sydney were he landed the job of drawing animation layouts for Hanna-Barbara, including "Yogi Bear". He then worked on a 13 half hour Sci-fi cel animation series "New Babylon" for the Arabian home market and ended up as production designer for the show.
With the help of long time collaborator, Peter Milligan he put together a film proposal for a 'Mad Max goes surfing' movie, called "Freakwave" (later turning it into a comic). Although they were able to get the proposal to directors like Russell Mulachey and Ridley Scott they failed to get a bite, but as a result of the proposal both of them received offers to work on other films. "Freakwave' eventually became a comic series.
Since then Brendan has produced storyboard and design work for such films as Highlander 2, Enemy Mine, Pinocchio (New Line), Razorback, Mr Wonderful, Loch Ness, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Coneheads, Dream Demon, The Bride,  Lost in Space, The Borrowers, Wind in the Willows,  Thunderbirds, Sweeney Todd and Mad Max Fury Road.
He has also worked on TV series such as Jim Henson's The Storyteller, Justice 2500 and worked extensively with Mainframe Entertainment designing the hit CGI TV series Reboot, War Planets and Werid-Ohs.
During the heady days of the 80's pop video boom he worked on various music videos for stars like Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Def Leppard and, er...Bryan Adams.
Brendan also designed the look of numerous comic characters, including Grant Morriosn's Zenith, Skrull Kill Crew and Doom Patrol and some of John Smith's New Statesmen. He has also designed various characters for projects written by long time partner in sequential art, Peter Milligan, these include Shade the Changing Man and the Extremist.  He is also responsible for the designs of various Judges in 2000AD's Judge Dredd: These include the Hondo-Cit (Japanese) Judges, the Oz (Australian) Judges, the Brit-Cit (British) Judges and the fanatical quasi-religious, Judda.
Brendan spent several years in Australia, co-writing and designing the new Mad Max movie with the original films' director George Miller and creating a follow-up to the animated Happy Feet, titled Fur Brigade. Brendan currently lives in Los Angeles developing some of his ideas for film, TV and animation.